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Remnant Population. Del Rey. September 2003.
ISBN: 0-345-46219-X (Trade paperback)
eBook: 978-0-345-46220-6

The Speed of Dark. Ballantine Books. January, 2003.
ISBN 0-345-44755-7 (HC)
eBook: 978-0-345-47220-5
ISBN 0-345-447549 (PB)
ISBN 0-345-447-54-9 (Trade paperback) Ballantine Reader's Circle edition, (This edition includes an author interview and a reading group discussion guide.)
Also an Easton Press selection.


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Remnant Population Remnant Population (1997 Hugo Award finalist)
Ofelia, an elderly colonist most of whose family died on the colony planet, does not want to be transported somewhere else when the company loses its franchise on the planet where she's spent 40+ years. She evades the evacuation and expects to live out her life alone, the only person on the planet. For the first time in her long life, no one is telling her what to do, what to wear, how to spend her life--and she has a chance to discover who she really is.

Then she finds out who else lives on the planet, and circumstances force her to start caring once more what others think.
Speed of Dark

Speed of Dark
The Speed of Dark (2003 Nebula Award winner, Arthur C. Clarke Award finalist)
Lou is a high-functioning autistic adult who has made a good life for himself and is, he thinks, content. But a new manager in the pharmaceutical firm for which he works decides to put pressure on the unit that employs autistic persons. Lou is pressured to undergo an experimental treatment that might "cure" the autism he doesn't think needs curing, or risk losing his job--and certainly the accommodations the company has put in place for its autistic employees.
"Every once in a while, you come across a book that is both an important literary achievement and a completely and utterly absorbing reading experience--a book with provocative ideas and an equally compelling story. Such a book is The Speed of Dark, by Elizabeth Moon.... In Lou Arrendale, Moon has created an unforgettable character..." -- Review from South Florida Sun-Sentinel, December 29, 2002, by Pat MacEnulty, a freelance writer in Charlotte, N.C.

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