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Planet Pirates

Sassinak. (with Anne McCaffrey) Baen Books. March, 1990. ISBN 0-671-69863

Generation Warriors. (with Anne McCaffrey) Baen Books. March, 1991. ISBN 0-671-72041-4

Omnibus edition: Planet Pirates. (with Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye; combines Sassinak, Generation Warriors, and Death of Sleep) Baen Books December 2000. ISBN 0-671-31962-0 (HC) ISBN 0-671-72187-9 (PB)


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Sassinak Sassinak
Sassinak is a young girl on a colony planet who is captured and enslaved by pirates, only to be rescued finally and given a chance to join the military. She rises through the ranks to become commander of a cruiser with a burning desire to eliminate such pirates from the universe. It is her cruiser that rescues the survivors of the heavyworlder mutiny on the dinosaur planet.
Generation Warriors Generation Warriors
Sassinak, Lunzie, and others from the previous books set out to untangle the conspiracy that is designed to overcome legitimate government and put in place a tyranny...and they do.
Planet Pirates Planet Pirates
Having the chance to work with Anne McCaffrey on two of the volumes that make up Planet Pirates was one of the great experiences of my writing life. It's impossible to overestimate the importance to a novice writer of working with someone of Anne's experience, ability, and sensitivity. I learned much more than I could have anticipated-- the technical aspects of melding a new story with existing books (the Planet Pirates books are outgrowths of Anne's earlier Dinosaur Planet books), how to handle multi-viewpoint stories, how to invent and imagine alien viewpoints, and--just as important--how a great writer interacts with others--writers, editors, publishers, and fans. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity.



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