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Land Photos

LinkPond Life, June 2005

LinkLand photos, May 2005

LinkRingtail, March 2005

LinkCrayfish, October 2004

LinkFall Prairie, 2004

LinkFox Pavilion construction, November 2003

LinkGray fox, August 2003

LinkLand photos, June 2003

LinkThe tractor, Sept. 2002

LinkCactus on the land

LinkWildflowers on the land

LinkViews of the land

LinkThe land in springtime, 2001

LinkFirst pictures of the land

Land Texts

LinkFAQ: Wildlife management project

LinkDiversity as a measure of management success

LinkPlant list

LinkBird list

LinkZoology list

Horsing Around

LinkMac: The New Horse

LinkIllusion - Riding in Early Fall, 2003

LinkIllusion in training

LinkIllusion, the trail horse

LinkKuincey at the trainer

LinkKuincey's injury

LinkMichael on Illusion



LinkBarcelona, November 2005

LinkOut to Launch, Oct. 2002

LinkRuns with Swords, May 2002

LinkPictures from the trip to England