Kuincey's Injury

Kuincey's front legsThese pictures were taken on Thursday, five days after the fight. Her left knee was swollen; the main wound on the inside of the knee is actually Z-shaped. It was leaking clear serum, from the swelling, but the stitches were holding. Above it is a smaller wound, which did not require suturing. On the outside of the left leg is a slice similar to that on the outside of the right leg, a little lower and somewhat smaller. The slice on the right leg is over 2 inches long. All three of these required sutures.

However, she was putting full weight on the leg right after the injury and was never lame. Despite the depth of the cuts and the number of stitches, no bones got chipped, and no tendons damaged.

Kuincey bandagedAfter I took the pictures, we rebandaged her, and I took her for hand-walking. She had not stocked up on stall rest, and was getting 20 minutes of hand-walking twice a day. You can see that she's putting full weight on the worse-injured front leg. Although it doesn't show in the scan, one of her hind-leg injuries showed in the print--just above the hock on the left leg, she had a linear mark with the hair off, which just missed damaging that tendon.

I've decided this is a lucky mare. She's been hurt twice now, and neither time has damaged anything critical. I hope she stays that lucky--and to help her out, I'm going to keep her away from gray horses. Both times she's been hurt, it's been a gray horse.

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