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photoUNIVERSES collects all my science fiction publication info in one place--the standalone novels, collaborative novels, series, and short fiction. In addition, I'll be talking about new projects and the writing process in the embedded blog. I came to science fiction in junior high and started writing it (badly, of course) a couple of years later. My science fiction runs the gamut from funny to serious, short-short stories to a seven-volume group, and includes two books set in Anne McCaffrey's Planet Pirates universe. Collaborating with Anne was a great honor and I learned so much from her in the process.

I do write fantasy as well as science fiction. Those who are interested in my fantasy work can check here for publishers, dates, ISBNs and so on.

What's next?

COLD WELCOME, in which Ky Vatta--familiar to some from the Vatta's War group--has once more ended up neck deep in trouble. It's out of my hands now, with a tentative release date of April 2017, and I'm starting on the next one (still too unformed to discuss.)
Cold Welcome is available for presale from Amazon. (UK cover displayed)


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