Fox Pavilion

pavilion site

We sited the pavilion on the SE slope of the brushy knoll, near the existing "solar spring." It should get more exposure for the solar panels.


The two young foxes showed up to supervise construction, but unfortunately did not live to see the pavilion go up. Both died, probably of distemper, in mid-October.

digging a hole

Richard rented a small gas-powered jackhammer to dig the postholes...a longer bit would have been very useful.

ready for trusses

The top framing is done; time for the trusses to go up.

one truss up

This kind of exterior bracing is needed to keep a single truss from falling over. A lot of work for one little truss.


Scott Hawes and Richard got all the trusses up on Friday, October 31. They're putting on the south side purlins.

elizabeth nailing

Hammering in the hurricane clips (braces, tiedowns) in the corners could be a bit tricky.


Caught in the act...not actually hammering.

first roof panel

Richard and Ferris get the first roof panel up

half the north roof

Racing the sun, Richard and Ferris try to get half the roof done

north side

Here's the completed north side roof, and the view from the trail from the solar waterhole to the north fenceline.

north side

Richard showing Michael where he needs to screw in the roof panels.

half the north roof

Long arms really help on this kind of job. Michael put in many of the screws on the south side roof.

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